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We were really chuffed to start working as part of the Soul Circus team this year; it’s a new type of client for us and everyone was excited to get stuck in to the project activity. Alongside promoting it, we were all keen to go along and experience it for ourselves.

It wasn’t quite as straight forward for me as simply going along, enjoying the local produce, taking part in some uplifting yoga and listening to inspiring talks about mindfulness and the likes…it was the first campervan trip with Wilma, our 8-week old baby girl.

Leaving the house for this trip took a little longer than usual, making sure we had everything we might need for our mini-adventure. It felt good to get out on the road with a festival ahead of us and even better once we hit the stunning scenery of the Cotswolds. It’s such an easy journey, which really does this make this festival the perfect escape from city (or rather suburban) life.

Elmore, where the festival takes place, is only a small rural village, so it was very easy to find and we were directed to our camping field to find our pitch before heading to reception to get our wrist bands. On entry to the site, there was immediately a relaxed vibe, with people walking back and forth from the camping area to the main arena with bare feet and yoga mats under their arms.

I hadn’t been organised enough in the lead up to book any sessions, as getting there was enough of a challenge, with this being my first baby journey. So, we just chilled out and took it all in. We ate lots of the delicious vegetarian food on offer, drunk craft beers whilst sitting on hay bales and indulged in homemade waffles and ice cream.

The yoga sessions were full (with super long queues for the hot yoga) and there was plenty of people enjoying other activities, such as aerial fitness and spinning by Psycle London – all housed in welcoming tipis.

As the night drew in the atmosphere changed from ‘fitness’ to ‘party’ as the music got louder and people enjoyed a drink from the bars. We had to head back to the campervan at about 10pm as it was way past Wilma’s bedtime. After a short while, she settled down and we tucked ourselves up in bed, listening to the party that was just getting started from the comfort of the van. I had to smile to myself when it hit midnight and Maxi Jazz from Faithless belted out ‘YOU CAN’T GET NO SLEEP’!! I absolutely love that song.

After a delicious breakfast, we purchased a few goodies from local craft stalls and headed home. Short and sweet this year but, now I’ve had a taster, I shall look forward to immersing myself fully next year, when Wilma is old enough to get involved too.

Layla Smith
Managing Director

For more information on Soul Circus, visit their website.