20 July

Hot off the press: m8:Life Magazine, Issue 10

The 10th edition of m8:Life magazine is here, and we’re excited to share the collaborative efforts of the Aspire and motive8 teams to pull together the latest issue. The headline story for this issue focuses on one of motive8’s latest projects which reached completion earlier this year – Supersonic in York. Supersonic is a new fitness and wellbeing concept, designed to put a holistic twist on traditional city centre fitness facilities. The extended… Read More
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3 August

Page Turner: m8:Life Magazine, Issue 9

When the weather’s as hot as it has been here in the UK, exercising can quickly drop to the bottom of your to-do list. But don’t fear, we’re here to help. Place it back above that afternoon nap and early pub trip, because issue nine of motive8’s m8:Life magazine is upon us! Filled with a… Read More
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19 September

Creative Content – Student Gym Design Video

Our client motive8 has more than 200 gym & spa installations to their name across the residential, corporate, hotel, student and private sectors. A growing area of their business has been student gyms, where more and more developers are embracing the ethos of providing students with onsite health and fitness facilities to help support their wellbeing… Read More
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23 May

Whip Yourself Into Shape – The Summer Issue of motive8’s M8:Life

Despite a few showers and a stiff breeze, the sunshine is desperately trying to make an appearance. Regardless of the weather, this time of year means the team have been working on the summer issue of motive8’s customer magazine. Aspire is responsible for designing and producing M8:Life, which brings together the various business divisions of motive8 into a bi-annual publication…. Read More
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14 February

motive8 Website Project – A Brand New, Content-driven Super Site 

We’re delighted to see motive8 launch their new brand new website, as part of their continued growth plans and integration of their key services. We worked with them from concept to launch and the project took 3 months to complete. The new super site consolidates four websites bringing together motive8’s wealth of knowledge across gym… Read More
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16 January

Rise To The Challenge – The Winter Issue of motive8’s Magazine M8:Life

We’ve finally had a flurry of snow – enough to build a small snowman but not enough to bring things to a standstill – winter is in full swing! The team have been working hard on the Winter issue of motive8’s customer magazine. Aspire are responsible for designing and producing – M8:Life – which brings together the various business divisions of motive8…. Read More
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11 January

Complete Gym & Spa Solutions With motive8

Founded in 1998, motive8 started life as a specialist Personal Training Company. In 2017, motive8 is now a multi-faceted health & fitness consultancy operating across three main areas of the industry; Gym & Spa Design, Personal Training and Sports Coaching for children. We have been supporting motive8 on their marketing strategy and implementation for many… Read More
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5 October

motive8’s Surrey to Brighton Bike Ride

Not one person woke up on Saturday morning wanting to join the motive8 Surrey to Brighton bike ride! The atrocious weather forecast had been the main talking point amongst the team in the week leading up to the event.  We were fortunate, however, motive8 had clearly invited a hardy group of riders, as everyone turned up at 9am with broad smiles at G!ro… Read More
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27 September

Health & Fitness Marketing – Time Lapse Video

motive8 have more than 200 gym & spa installations to their name and were keen to demonstrate what it takes to install a high spec residential gym from start to finish. Installation is the final step in the complete gym design service that motive8 offer.  Our solution was to produce a time lapse video of the transformation from bare space… Read More
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15 August

A Spectacular Day For A Moving Meeting

We are partnering with our client motive8 to organise a bike ride from London to Brighton in the autumn. Taking place on the 1st October, the event will be small, for just 20 clients and friends. To ensure everything goes smoothly on the day we decided to recce the route last week. We couldn’t have picked a better day. It… Read More
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