14 September

Summer 2018: Aspire’s Best Sporting Moments!

Here at Aspire, we love the summer months. This may not be that controversial a statement, but it certainly is true. Warmer weather, longer days – oh yes. The summer is over though, so we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the last four or five months and to highlight each… Read More
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3 September

Moving With The Times: The Shift From Print To Digital Media

‘May you live in interesting times’, so the old Chinese curse goes – for many of us in the magazine media world this feels especially pertinent these days. The shift from print to online publishing, coupled with the explosion of social media, rise of the influencers and the wealth of news and information sources now… Read More
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19 July

World Cup 2018: What Did England Teach Us?

It’s been eight days since Croatia knocked England out of the World Cup in Russia. Yes, eight long, long days. As France lifted the prized trophy last Sunday, many an England fan would have been dreaming about what might have been. We had the lead, we were one game away from the final – it… Read More
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16 July

Outdoor Trade Show 2018: Our 5 Best Brands

Going on an adventure is usually great – especially somewhere new – so I was very happy to hear the Outdoor Trade Show (OTS) had moved to a new home this year at the EventCity, Manchester. And believe it or not, I have never been to Manchester before, which made things that bit more exciting. I… Read More
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21 June

Press Release – Meet On’s Newest Addition, The Cloudace

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The award-winning Swiss running brand, On, introduces the Cloudace for its 2018 collection. As On’s most technical shoe to date, the Cloudace utilizes premium technology and engineering to combine a powerful push-off with next-level stability, demonstrating to the world that superior cushioning doesn’t have to mean slow. With an ingenious sole and… Read More
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27 April

London Marathon Expo 2018: Our 5 Best Brands

Last week saw the return of the Virgin Money London Marathon, and it sure was a hot one. This year, we in the UK have endured extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum. From arctic conditions to blazing sunshine, us locals have often been left confused as to what might come our way next…. Read More
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24 April

Press Release – On Releases Limited Edition Cloud Edge

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND (19 April 2018) – Disruption of space is what has made On the fastest growing running brand. With a premium Swiss design and high-performance technology, On has become a favourite not just among some of the world’s best athletes and runners, but with masters taking their crafts to the edge. Before starting On,… Read More
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19 April

On Cloud Edge Launch: Two Evenings, Four Speakers

When it comes to organising On events there’s always an element of excitement, and it’s fair to say that was the case this week. Tuesday and Wednesday night saw the launch of the Cloud Edge – a limited edition, everyday shoe from the Swiss brand – at two lively WeWork locations in London. These evenings… Read More
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12 April

Media Alert – Further Additions To Soul Circus Festival Lineup

New exciting music acts, collaborators and partners The cold weather seems to be behind us, which means springtime has arrived. It’s now only a matter of time before the summer, and festival season, will be here too. So if you’re arranging your 2018 diary, be sure to include this years Soul Circus yoga and wellness… Read More
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