18 July

Press Release – Three more innovative On products for the outdoor adventurer

The award-winning Swiss-based running shoe manufacturer is further extending its range with a new trio of must-have items for lovers of peaks and trails. ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Swiss-based running shoe manufacturer On has been thrilling customers with its innovative technologies and reductive designs since 2010. Over five million runners and walkers now have Ons on… Read More
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30 June

Aspire Announce New Community Event Concept – Moving Meets

Influence is powerful, and now more than ever, platforms such as Instagram are shaping the way marketing and PR is delivered. Reaching out to influential communities is now an important part of building and maintaining professional relationships. Aspire Community Over the last few months, at Aspire we have been turning our attention to community, discussing… Read More
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25 June

Aspire launches YouTube Channel

Many Aspire clients produce inspirational content, to promote their brand, products, athletes, events or marketing campaigns. Video is often the best way to tell a story and with the launch of the Aspire YouTube channel, we’re excited to share our current and future client stories with you. Aspire x Canyon Our most recent live event with Canyon inspired us to start creating our own… Read More
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20 June

Press Release – Swiss Sports Brand On Launches All-New Cloudstratus with Double the Tech to Double Your Run

Nine years ago, three Swiss guys revolutionised the sensation of running with a completely new, innovative outsole compression technology called CloudTec®. Now On is doubling up the tech with the all-new Cloudstratus. ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – In 2010, World Duathlon Champion and multiple Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard was craving a new running sensation, one that would… Read More
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17 June

Case Study – Swift Take Off

All bases covered with a three-pronged launch of On’s new Cloudswift shoe. As part of an ongoing partnership with the Swiss sportswear brand On, Aspire introduced the media and influencers to On’s latest technology and newest shoe, the Helion fuelled Cloudswift, via a multifaceted campaign which took in London and Mallorca along with a nationwide… Read More
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