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Aspire’s workout with Erimus produces strong results

Back Story

Erimus was created by a team with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and is a brand which offers innovative, attractive, well-designed functional fitness equipment along with specialist advice on the layout, design and installation of gym and fitness facilities. The brand prides itself on its modern feel and its attention to detail.

Gym Buddies

Aspire joined forces with Erimus in 2018 to provide an all-encompassing brand development campaign. We developed the logo and brand guidelines, an eye-catching and functional website, provided a fresh approach to brand imagery, styled their product sales brochure and created inspirational expert blog and video content. We also advised on set-up of the social media feeds.

Rewarding Results

Aspire’s goal has been to reflect the distinctive, stylish offer the Erimus workout equipment and unique USP of accompanying consultancy services across a range of promotional platforms. Through high quality design, photography, expert editorial input and high-spec video footage we have been able to highlight the Erimus ethos; one of passion for design, fitness and working together on reaching fitness goals. By establishing clear brand guidelines, an iconic logo and a consistent high quality approach to all aspects of Erimus media content, we’ve been able to provide their sales team with highly effective support. The focus of Aspire’s campaign has been to provide slick, modern and versatile branding which encapsulates the Erimus approach.

At A Glance – Erimus

  • – Logo and brand assets production
  • – Modern, slick and engaging website and future social media strategy
  • – Stylish and brand-reflective product brochure and sales collateral


See the impact of Aspire’s work with Erimus here.

“Aspire worked closely with the Erimus team to produce a slick brand identity, eye-catching and functional website, clean product imagery and sales collateral that reflects the brand values of Erimus. It was a pleasure working with the Aspire team and we are delighted with the results of this branding project.” Nick Sadler, Managing Director, Erimus

With over 20 years of fitness industry heritage, our expert team has learnt from our time as resellers of multiple fitness brands. At Erimus, we take our responsibilities as functional fitness specialists very seriously, ensuring we always listen to and engage with our clients on all forms of feedback.

In our pursuit of being at the forefront of design and innovation, we strongly believe we deliver on professionalism. Since installing our first gym in 2001, our growing team now has an extensive breadth and depth of knowledge, and is able to advise with confidence, on the best equipment for your personal fitness needs.