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Our task was to create a film to celebrate 10 years of Club Peloton’s flagship event, Cycle to MIPIM. We ensured that the end product communicated multiple key messages including; the event as a vehicle for fundraising, networking and appeals to attracting new sponsors and riders.

We worked with Club Peloton to compile a detailed brief and then met with five production companies to make sure we found the best video partner for the project. After appointing our partner, we worked closely, providing them with as much historic information as possible to ensure the video was a true celebration of what has been achieved since the ride’s conception.

Three films were produced – view the full version above, follow this link for the short version and find the pre-event teaser trailer here.

The film was revealed at a private screening in London at an event reunion hosted by one of the event sponsors Knight Frank, for riders, events sponsors and partners and crew.

Club Peloton is a fundraising charity that specialises in creating business networks.

It uses cycling as a platform for challenge events, bringing together a love for the sport and the opportunity to raise money for great causes. Delivering unique and inclusive group ride events and experience, its journey started in 2006 with the cycle to MIPIM, an annual ride from London to Cannes arriving in time for MIPIM, the leading international real estate fair in Cannes. In 2017, 200 riders will take part in the 12th edition of Cycle to MIPIM.

On Club Peloton events industry professionals swap their suits for lycra and receive pro-treatment – lead cars, rolling road closures, mechanics and sports therapists. The experience they provide is the closest and amateur cyclist can get to riding like a professional. The friendly and interactive atmosphere builds camaraderie very quickly and forms the core of Club Peloton’s ethos.

Club Peloton also helps create bespoke rides for a growing list of clients within the industry areas in which it operates. Profits from these clients enhance its annual fundraising total.

Aspire handle all PR related activities for Club Peloton which includes their flagship event Cycle to MIPIM, Cycle to MAPIC and their women only ride pedElle.

Our work with Club Peloton includes writing press releases and media alerts, managing media relations, handling social media, supporting on PR events, creating a content strategy for the charity’s media partner Estates Gazette and providing on event support – daily media alerts and photo calls. Aspire PR Lead Kate Gordon handles the PR and rides each event, showing utmost dedication to her role.

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