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Cutting through a competitive market with new product launches and utilising Brand Ambassadors


What was the brief?
To raise awareness of the PhD Nutrition brand in a crowded market place, secure credible premium positioning for the brand within the industry and communicate its point of difference to target markets.

What challenges did we face?
Although PhD had a loyal customer base in a niche market, it had struggled to get wider currency in the consumer market. The brand was perceived as a ‘gymbased product’ only used by serious power athletes. Aspire’s role was to grow awareness of the brand and its products by engaging in a full PR and press strategy to deliver maximum exposure and return on investment.

What was the strategy?
A 360-degree campaign, including two media tours (press briefings, product seeding and subsequent coverage); a fully-integrated media launch event; and a comprehensive PR platform and delivery.

What were the deliverables?
• 20 face-to-face meetings with target media
• 55 event and desk-side briefings (across three product ranges)
• 72 pieces of coverage achieved from October – August 2017 across print and online
• 30 influencers and media representatives at media launch event
• +50K media reach
• Additional press coverage to around 72 million readers across all engaged titles

And what was the result?
• Significant growth in awareness of the brand in key health, fitness, sport and lifestyle titles
• Clear cut-through of brand positioning against its competitors
• Clear differentiation in key markets
• Positioning of brand ambassadors as knowledge leaders
• Increased perception as ‘go to’ brand in sports nutrition

PhD Nutrition is one of the premier sports nutrition brands in the UK. It was founded in 2006 by two competitive performance athletes, Jason Rickaby and Mark Bowering, with established histories and credibility within sports nutrition. As long-term consumers of sports nutrition, they had not found any brands that that gave them reason to believe in them so they set out create an intelligent and honest UK sports nutrition brand that delivered on taste and performance results. Ten years later, PhD Nutrition consistently delivers intelligently formulated innovative sports nutrition for the modern athlete that tastes great and delivers performance results.

Aspire has been working with PhD Nutrition since 2016 to manage their PR activity across various product ranges. We have organised media tours to take the products and brand experts to the media and influencers, as well as implementing ongoing product seeding programmes. Our brief also included working with brand ambassadors such as Olympic Gold medallist boxer Luke Campbell to highlight the benefits of PhD Nutrition for maximum performance.

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