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motive8 came to us with a dilemma – how best to present the case for a workplace gym. The facts are well known – boosting employee wellbeing increases productivity and saves businesses money. motive8’s business proposition is a workplace gym with a financial model that pays for itself. The cost to install, manage and maintain a gym can be as little as £11 per employee per month. This can be taken directly out of their salary or provided as a company benefit.  motive8 had the research and the team’s expertise at their fingertips but what could they do with a stream of facts and statistics to promote their service to new customers.

Our answer – a motion graphic –  a piece of digital footage or animation.  Visuals are processed 60,000 faster than text and our average attention span has dropped to 8 secs (less than a goldfish at 9seconds!) – brands need to work hard to keep our attention.  An animation would allow us to show the chief benefits of an office gym to a business in a clear and succinct way. By breaking multiple statements into digestible info – we make an intangible service easy to comprehend.

Our first task was to research the statistics, motive8 also had a wealth of knowledge that we tapped in to.  The next step was write a script and then read it through and re-write it until we were happy with how it flowed. We then brought in our associate videographer John Ingle to work on the graphical representation of the story. Fortuitous connections at motive8 meant that the voiceover was in professional hands. Actor James Dreyfus spent an hour in a recording studio in Chiswick. A consummate professional James grasped immediately what we needed and with a few tweaks from John and the motive8 team we quickly secured a wrap. John’s quirky graphics paired beautifully with the voiceover. motive8 are incredibly pleased with the finished motion graphic and we are proud to have facilitated the process. 

A picture is worth a thousand words… a video is worth 1.8million per minute. View the motion graphic here

Founded in 1998, motive8 started life as a specialist Personal Training Company. In 2015, motive8 is now a multi-faceted health & fitness consultancy operating across three main areas of the industry; Gym & Spa Design, Personal Training and Sports Coaching for children.

An established client of Aspire, we have supported motive8 on their marketing strategy and implementation for many years. In this time, the company has grown impressively, broadening its reach and diversifying its business.

Aspire work in collaboration with motive8 to offer the following services: Group marketing strategy; development of marketing plans for each business division; blog content & social media plans; regular case studies; new partnerships & business development; PR & communications; website development & SEO; brand management and production of marketing collateral.

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