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Four time ITU World Champion of triathlon and duathlon, Tim Don, shows that hard work and passion can lead someone to exceed even their own expectations.

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND 30 May 2017: Great Britian’s Tim Don did not set out planning on breaking the Ironman world record in Brazil. Despite this, he blew away the previous record of 7:44:29 by over four minutes with a time of 7:40:23.

“At about the 5km mark, Frank (trainer) shouted to me ‘you can get the record if you run a 2.48’ and I was like ‘what record?` When he said the world record I nearly fellow over”, elaborates Tim after the race. When an athlete puts so much effort and energy into his training, he needs a shoe that will see him through all the ups and down. It must complement all the hard work and passion with thoughtful engineering and an understanding of what a runner needs.

For Tim, he chooses to put his faith in the Cloudflow, from the Swiss Running Shoe Brand On. The Cloudflow is all about responsiveness, and moving in sync with the runner’s stride. Thoughtful engineering and a runner’s perspective are imbued into every part of the shoe, with a dedicated team led by Ex-Duathlon World-Champion and six-time Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard.

“I love my Cloudflow”, explains the new Ironman World Record Holder. “When you get off a hard bike it’s important to put a shoe on you just know is fast and works for you and that’s the Cloudflow for me. Especially in the closing stages when you are pushing the limit and your form is going – it just gives me confidence. I bloody love them.”

It was not luck or fate that led the British triathlete to victory, but intensive training and a true passion for running. Tim Don has been a professional athlete since 1997, but his love for running starting all the way back in his childhood, when he was just six years old. Even after his numerous successes, the 39-year-old has no plans to slow down and has now set his sights for the Kona 2017 in October. His success has also not made him forget the need for hard work.

“Do the fundamental right and don’t get caught up in the hype of being a pro”, believes Tim Don. “Keep it simple – and just love and enjoy what you do every day.”

All about Tim’s record breaking race:

Tim Don after crossing the finish line and realizing he crashed the Ironman World record. All images in under:


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Who is On?

On is a young Swiss sports company based in Zurich, Portland (Oregon) and Yokohama (Japan). It has one simple mission: make running fun. A team of sports scientists, world-class athletes and designers spearheads this mantra.

On running shoes are winning design and technology distinctions all over the world – most recently the ISPO Product of the Year and Gold Award for the Best Performance Shoes 2017/18. World Champions and elite athletes win constantly in On.

On’s ingenious CloudTec sole is patented worldwide. Seven years after market launch, On is available from round about 3’000 specialist running stores and over 50 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia-Pacific.

How does On’s patented CloudTec® system work?

Cushioned landing, firm push-off: that’s the core concept behind the new running shoe by On, the young Swiss-based manufacturer. It’s a radical development: On’s patented technology combines all the benefits of a soft training shoe and a hard and fast competition shoe. Land on the sand, push off from the running track!

The secret to this bold new dual functionality lies in the On’s “Clouds” – hollow pods on the sole of the shoe that stretch back on impact to cushion the landing and then lock to form the solid foundation required for a powerful push-off.

Athletes who have worn Ons and their coaches have reported greater muscle activation, new personal bests and shorter recovery times. These findings are also backed up by scientific research: independent studies by the reputed Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland have confirmed that the patented CloudTec® system substantially reduces athletes’ heart rates and blood lactate levels.

To review the new Cloudrush contact:
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