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Stack It, Pack It, Bike It, Love It

LONDON (July 2017) – Award-winning brand kkdu plum is this month officially launching its innovative, unrivalled and uber cool bike trailer to the UK market.

The foldable kkdu plum bike trailer is the brainchild of South African born, UK educated and now cosmopolitan Melburnians, Haydn Sharratt and his wife Astrid, and was born after a particularly frustrating journey to the beach laden with kids’ paraphernalia and no place to park.  The couple decided there had to be a better way to carry their everyday necessities so, with a mission to create an easier, more convenient, greener and healthier way to carry belongings, the couple set about developing a powerful, beautifully useful product.

Three years in the making, the trailer is destined to become the hottest, most in demand, lifestyle accessory for the smartest of urban and rural individuals alike. Incomparable, the product is a made to order, brilliantly chic, design-led and most importantly, functional product.

Built for the country and designed for the city, the kkdu plum bike trailer is more than just a bicycle trailer.  Designed to be multifunctional and incredibly simple to use, it converts into a cart, and back again, in under 10 seconds. With a unique combination of clever design, measured refining and rigorous testing at its core, the trailer is sturdy enough to safely carry bulky items, yet compact enough to fit through doors, navigate aisles and manoeuvre around busy streets.

Available in six very cool, vibrant colours inspired by Australian flora – black apple, blue marble, kakadu plum, lilli pilli, little ruby and snowberry – the high-quality trailer can be attached to a bike or used buggy style and pushed or pulled by hand to carry belongings.  Perfect for city dwellers, the foldable trailer is narrow enough to be wheeled through a door or narrow aisle, but features enough storage to carry what is needed.  In addition, its ergonomic handle, wrapped with Fizik® bar tape, can be easily adjusted to suit any height and is soft and comfortable to hold.

For cycling, the kkdu plum trailer needs to be attached to kkdu plum’s stylish bike rack. Made of stainless steel and marine grade timber for unbeatable rust protection and durability, each rack comes with an integrated swivel hitch – a work of design genius, ensuring a balanced and safe ride that ensures the kkdu plum navigates corners and uneven terrain effortlessly and smoothly. In a matter of seconds, the kkdu plum bike trailer is safely attached to the bike rack, which is adjustable at both ends to fit to almost any bike brand and model.

Tight for space? The kkdu plum has you covered. Foldable and compact, it’s wheels can be removed and the kkdu plum can be stored under a bed or hung on the back of a door.

Concerned about the weather? Each impact resistant storage tub can be accessorised with water resistant neoprene covers – the largest of which can be cleverly expanded for taller items.

Simple to use, smooth to cycle and stunning to look at, the kkdu plum trailer is a smart, subtly glam, effortless and healthy ‘must-have’ lifestyle accessory for 2017 and beyond…live differently with kkdu plum.

Available to build and customise online at or via one of London’s two TokyoBike stores, and with a six-eight week production time for your bespoke trailer, the trailer is priced at £600 with bike rack and cover costing £195 each.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: For a limited period between 1-7 August 2017 and only available for the first 20 orders placed, kkdu plum is offering the following:

  • > 25% off cart total – with code GBP17 (requires sign-up at to activate code)
  • > FREE standard shipping from Melbourne, Australia – a saving of approx. £150
  • > FREE installation by TokyoBike London for those living in and around the capital. TokyoBike will also accept deliveries on behalf of customers.
  • > Customs Taxes and Duties included.

Find out more or get building at

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